Monday, 15 October 2012

How long has it been?

"Things always come full circle."

Right. I'm blogging again. Things have been a whirlwind, but I'm still alive, so there is that. I'm probably not gonna blog more than once a month, because I just couldn't be bothered, but we'll see, won't we? (But seriously, knowing my track record, this dusty tome will probably get updated in the year 3205 or something)

VERY short and quick updates now.

Went and did A-levels.
Received a scholarship.
Stopped doing A-levels.
Scholarship was misinformed.
Appealed the scholarship.
Went back to A-levels.
Received the appealed scholarship.
Finally stopped doing A-levels, after a completed first semester.
Did ADFP (American Degree Foundation Program) at INTEC. (INTernational Education College)
Had a blast, with awesome memories and great people.
Started working out.

Finished up ADFP.
Went to the States.
At Iowa now.

Aaaaand, we're pretty much up to date. Which is awesome, I suppose.

So we'll see how things go. I may, or may not, continue writing in this. We shall have to see.


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Why "Flawed Perfection"?

I chose "Flawed Perfection" because nice ones such as "Honest Lies" and "Organized Chaos" were already chosen. In fact, Flawed Perfection was already chosen as well, but among all my ideas, this one was my favourite.

I like the reminder that everything is flawed perfectly.

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