Thursday, 30 August 2007

Politicians, Malaysian Independence Day and Cheap Flattery

Politicians (I only wrote like this because there are three topics)

"A politic only needs to be two things - boring and a hypocrite."

Just to make it up to you all for not having posting a post in a while, I decided to talk about three things today. I'll start with politics and politicians themselves.

Just take one look at a politician, and you will always find these two things: The most boring possible way to tell a speech and the hypocrisy of Bush (Bush's hypocrisy is in the extremes, but you know what I'm saying. Don't you?). With the exceptions of few politicians like USA's old Ronald Reagan (an actor before president), all of the others have the two qualities, at least.

Now, I'm not saying that I hate politics. Well, actually, I am. But you have to look at the fact that during my current time, all the politicians are huge hypocrites. It's like a smoker telling you not to smoke. While he's smoking!

You also have to think about the fact that the way they talk in their speeches. If you haven't heard one of them yet, I believe you. Most probably you were asleep when it was being said.

Governments keep changing the rules just to make things easier for themselves. Like in Malaysia, as an example, I remember reading in the newspaper about an article that the Perdana Menteri (That's "prime minister" to non-Malaysians) himself was interviewed! I definitely remember him saying that you have to "write more blogs" and other stuff like that.

But now, recently, he just said that you should write less blogs! All because people (like myself) are writing about the governbment. Having said that, I just realized my mistake.


That's about all I can say about the goverment (without talking badly/rudely about our Perdana Menteri) right now. On to the next topic!

Malaysian Independence Day

"In Malaysia, you can get arrested for making fun of an Independence Day song but they turn a blind eye if you bounce a check"

As you can tell, I'm not one you can talk about politics with.

If you can't, well, good luck with life then.

In this topic, it's about Malaysian's so called "Independence Day". How can it be "Independence Day" if all we did for it was just ask? It makes no sense at all!

No matter what the teachers or so called historians say, Malaysia did NOT fight for independence!!!!!!!! I really can't stress this enough.

Our government is totally messed up. Seriously. If you don't believe me, then let me enlighten you with a few points of mine:

a) The native language (Bahasa Melayu) keeps being changed every now and then for no reason.
b) The Prime Minister keeps changing the rules.
c) You can't make fun of an "Independence Day" song, but you can bounce a check.
d) You're more likely to get a higher sentence for insulting the Prime Minister than for killing someone.
e) At least half the teachers don't know half of what they're teaching us.
f) For Arts and Craft, there's nothing to do with art except in paper form (i.e. you have to study for it. Little painting, if at all)
g) There's no freedom of speech. Or blog.

Around 7 strong points that I know of that makes our government lousy. Look at it, and tell me that it's not lousy and really mean it. Come on, do it! See? You can't.

I'm going to leave you to ponder about this, as I'm kinda worried that I'll be arrested just for writing about this. On that note, on to the last topic!

Cheap Flattery

"Yes, flattery is nice and all, but what's the use if it's insincere?"

Finally. The topic least likely for me to get in trouble with. Hopefully.

As I noticed while I was browsing through MySpace, most, if not all, pictures that were commented almost always had stuff like "Oh, so cute" "Nice picture" or "Wow, you're so pretty!". Flattery like that.

What's the point of giving flattery? They're cheap and fake. Liars love giving them. Is it so hard to tell the truth to comment a picture? Is it?

Do people actually believe those so called "compliments" (compliments are sincere. Flattery isn't.) that they receive? Think about it. How can you believe it if obviously the picture sucks, you look horrible in it or the picture is downright creepy (intentional or not) and then someone says something like, "Wow, you're cute". How credible is that? Not even a bit credible, if you ask me.

Well, as interesting as this topic is, I'm getting sleepy, with it being 3:16AM, so good night, all. Thanks for reading my blog.

~Josh the Joshster~

P.S. I'm sleeping over at my cousin's house during this weekend, so sorry to my few readers about my lack of posts.

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