Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Decisions, decisions...

"Sometimes, entire lives are changed simply because of a bad decision."


Aaaaarggh! God! I almost made a (possible) huge mistake of my life! Sofea and Ben were right, I'm not going to do it. As much as I want to, it's not right. I'm not close enough to her, and I'll just end up making things awkward between us. Not to mention that we'll probably never be able to have a normal friendship.

Think about it. If you knew a person liked you, wouldn't you think that he (or she; usually a he, though) has other motives when he's doing something for you? Even if he's just being nice, or is just doing stuff because he's friends with her, she'll think that he's just doing it because he likes her. No matter what he says, she won't believe him. Of course, this is in a general sense, but still.

Of course, on the off chance that it's not all been a lie, I'm just going to start by asking her if H told her anything last Thursday. If no, I'll leave it at that. If it's a yes, I'll end up confessing. Since I've already planned it, I'm going to go through with it.

Seriously, though, Zul, you'd better pray that I'm in a good mood next time we meet. Or else you're dead.



P.S. Ben and Sof basically just said that I shouldn't confess because "it's a huge mistake"[Ben] and "you need to get to know her better first, wait 2 years..." [Sof]

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LuqCrusher said...

So much drama...

Why "Flawed Perfection"?

I chose "Flawed Perfection" because nice ones such as "Honest Lies" and "Organized Chaos" were already chosen. In fact, Flawed Perfection was already chosen as well, but among all my ideas, this one was my favourite.

I like the reminder that everything is flawed perfectly.

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