Sunday, 23 August 2009

A gamer's life for me

"The idea that people copy video games is ridiculous. Have you ever seen anyone jump around grabbing balls or hitting boxes like Pac-Man and Crash Bandicoot?"

I'm gonna start playing more games.

Now, I know that a lot of you might think it's ridiculous, me wasting time to play games when I could be out there doing more interactive things. The thing is, when you play a game, you learn things. And every single thing that you learn from games, believe it or not, are actually good things. Okay, I can hear some of you out there going, "What good thing can someone learn from games like Grand Theft Auto [GTA]?"

Although this may seem ridiculous, GTA actually helps teens to learn not to be criminals. When you play a game that endorses murder, crime and etc., what happens is that the person playing will be able to live through everything. They'll learn about the consequences of their actions (eg. You might be able to avoid the cops in GTA, but sooner or later, they'll get you)

Not only that, games also give information to people playing. Information that they'd never have learned otherwise. Think about it. All those people that play games like Call Of Duty [COD], Metal Gear Solid [MGS] and other like those, they learn valuable lessons on being tactical, planning, organizing and even the best way to ration out supplies.

Another example of what you can learn is the history of nations, each country's geography as well as a nation's flag(s). Play any war game, and you'll learn all of those things, and more. After all, most war games nowadays are based on historical fact, and when players go through it, they end up learning while blasting some Nazi's head off. While they're walking around the terrain, they'll (at the very least) learn something about that country's geography. An example, Vietnam is densely covered in forests. Yes, that's basic knowledge, but a lot of people only know this after playing games like Vietcong. About the flags, I'm guilty of not knowing what most flags look like. But after playing this one game on FaceBook, (namely Global Wars) flags that I've never seen before are extremely familliar to me. (Have you seen Thailand and South Africa's flags?! They're awesome!)

Playing an online game is also good for things like building up friendships, teamwork and coorporation, teaches discipline as well as how to delegate tasks depending on each person's strengths. Games like World of Warcraft [WOW], DotA, RuneScape [RS] and RagnarokOnline [RO] are prime examples. Each of these multiplayer online games brings people together, where they can meet and make friends. As most multiplayer online games (including those described above) need teamwork and coorporation, the players involved end up working together to complete their goal(s). The discipline part? Well, how else are you going to be effective as a team if you don't follow your leader's or teammate's orders? The delegation of work part goes to the leader, when he's assigning each person to a specific job according to each person's strengths. You also have to learn to be nice, polite and courteous when playing online games, since there are rules in the game to be polite or you'll end up losing your account.

Also, in virtual reality games, such as vSide, people get to live life, and all the consequences of what bad things they do without suffering in the real world. They also learn how to be a better person socially, without embarrassing themselves if they make a mistake. Also, since it's all online, it's easier and faster to come up with witty remarks, as well as being able to edit yourself before saying anything. People then learn from this, and use it in real life with people in person.

I almost forgot about GTA. Teens playing the game get to release their angst in a virtual reality, instead of doing it in real life. Think about it. All those people playing GTA are killing innocent civilians and police officers, and after doing so, they can release their frustrations. Of course, they'll know that killing is wrong, you shouldn't do it, and etc., but how else would you want them to learn it? Through a game, or through experience?

Best thing about games?

There's an off switch.



P.S. Happy fasting, my fellow Muslims, in this Ramadan month!

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LuqCrusher said...

Darn it.

You have the option of playing video games. And now, you're gonna be playing more of them.

Don't worry, just wait roughly 8 weeks. As Arnold Schwarzenegger once put it,

"I'll Be Back!".

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I like the reminder that everything is flawed perfectly.

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