Sunday, 30 August 2009

I hate learning about things late

"No news is good news, but what about slow news?"

I wanted to sleep, then I found this out. [Thank you, TimothyDeLaGhetto2 and sxephil for the heads up, although a bit late]

Now, I may be one of the last people on Earth to find this out, but what the Hell was she thinking, taking more naked pictures of herself?! Yes, I'm talking about the leaked photos of Vanessa earlier this month.

Okay, I can accept the earlier pictures. The ones that first gave her trouble. She was young, dumb, wanted to show off to Zac (or whoever) and it ended up badly.

But this. This is just ridiculous. What kind of genius decides to send more naked pictures of themselves when they've been caught (and publicly humiliated) doing it? It's like touching an electric fence twice. Just to see if it was still on.

Those that have seen the original (meaning, the first batch) of pictures, you can tell it was definitely "homemade pictures", 'cause of the way that she was just standing there, hair barely combed, not good lighting, room all messy, etc. If you don't believe me, go and look through those photos you saved (oh, no, don't deny that you don't have any; unless you're a girl, you're gay, you've seen better or you didn't even see the originals) and look at her. I mean, not look at her, but at her surroundings. "Sloppy", in other terms.

These new ones, though... It's obvious that she's had her makeup done and I think she even did her hair. The clothes she was wearing (technically, it's just panties though) could be considered "stylish". Since I only saw the censored versions (thank God; I burned my eyes seeing the first batch, she was that bad) I can't base this on facts, but I heard that she also shaved her pubes! Hell, it looked like a professional shoot, the kind you expect to see in stuff like porn magazines. She probably hired people to do all these things to/for her.

Now, the only reasons I can think of anyone doing any of this are:

1) You're desperate for money, and you're selling naked pictures of yourself to gain said money.

As we all know, she's a (somewhat) successful actress. So we can safely rule this one out.

2) You want people to see you naked.

I go with number 2.

Hell, she should've just sold the pictures, instead of sending the pictures to everyone on her phonebook and/or e-mail.* At least she'd get paid. I wanted to sleep, and I ended up writing about this crap. It's interesting about how lawyers went and sent e-mails to websites, telling them that the publication of her pictures were illegal, as it was a violation to her privacy, and a publication of her private facts. Umm... What "private facts" are we talking about here, exactly?

One last note, though. Am I the only person who finds it amusing that she has a poster of Zac Efron in her bedroom?



*I am just speculating here.

P.S. Happy Birthday Malaysia! You're now another year older! The fireworks were beautiful.

P.P.S. Questions asked directly to me regarding porn (directly or indirectly) will not be entertained. Unless I feel like it.

P.P.P.S. The MTP is going to held at 2 PM later today, I can barely wait! It took hours for me and my sisters to get all the stuff ready.

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